The suspense is killing me!

Ironic really, as I’m writing crime fiction.

I’m sitting on some exciting news, which I am so looking forward to sharing. I hoped by this weekend the embargo would be lifted. But it’s taking a while to get the ducks lined up I guess.

What I can confirm that it’s not a three book deal with a publisher. Wouldn’t that be amazing! And scary too.

Hopefully in the next week the cloud of secrecy will be lifted, and I can at last share. But in the meanwhile one thing I’ve discovered, I’m no good at keeping secrets!

Meanwhile, the actual putting finger to keyboard has stalled somewhat, after a really good writing retreat a couple of weeks ago where I got lots of words and a really sound structure for my long-term project in place. In my defence, I am working full-time for the next couple of weeks, but I had a free evening on Monday and I collapsed in a heap and watched crap TV rather than firing up Scrivener.

It’s not been a complete writing drought, I’ve got a few words hand-written that I need to transcribe, and my protagonist Jack Appleyard is never far from my mind.

I have a full day tomorrow (Saturday) to work on the story. Let’s see how much progress I make.

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Andy Hollyhead

I'm a writer, theatre trustee, housing association committee member associate lecturer with the Open University and associate professor at a UK University. All views are my own.

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