A pseudonym to fool him

I had to make a decision when I started making my writing available on the web, started entering competitions and then most recently receiving payment for my scribblings. What name should I use?

Pen names have been used by authors throughout history to protect their reputation. Eric Arthur Blair is a pretty unique name, so why he decided to write under the much more mundane George Orwell is beyond me.

Looking for other examples I’ve just come across this list .

Before I signed the contract for my short story with manifold press I debated whether I should use a variation on a name for my LGBT+ writing. After all I had written about two young men, and their developing relationship. This story wasn’t about two people who happened to be gay. It was about two young men who over a period of time developed a relationship. How much of ‘me’ would people think was in the story (fact, not much at all, I wrote a lot to my former sixth form friends but I never sent polaroids).

I toyed with names, Drew Hollyhead, Andrew Holly (Andrew is actually a good pseudonym for me, as I am hardly known by that name). But in the end I’ve decided to stick with my ‘real’ name, and as my writing moves forward I will stick with it, for good or bad.